Equal Opportunities Begin at School

E-learning Programme on Code of Practice on Education under Disability Discrimination Ordinance

The programme is a joint initiative of the Education Bureau and the Equal Opportunities Commission designed to assist education personnel to understand:
  1. The principle of equal opportunity in the context of education; and
  2. The Disability Discrimination Ordinance and its application in the education setting.
Structure Of The Programme
The programme consists of three modules, namely,
  1. Overview On Equal Opportunity
  2. The Legislation - Disability Discrimination Ordinance
  3. Application of the Law íV The Code of Practice on Education under the Disability Discrimination Ordinance
Learners are required to complete the modules in sequence, starting from Module One.

How To Use This Programme
You will need to register (see "How do I register" below) if you are a first time user. You are required to study the modules one by one in sequence, starting from Module One. You may study at your own pace and quit the programme wherever you want. You can choose to restart from your last checkpoint the next time you login the system (see "What if I logout before I complete a module?" below)
There is a quiz at the end of each of the module. You will have to pass the quiz before proceeding to the next one. If you pass the quiz at the end of Module Three, you will be awarded an e-certificate that marks the successful completion of this programme (See "Award of E-Certificate" below). If you fail the quiz, you may re-attempt after going through the module again.
You may notice that questions pop up throughout the three modules. Those questions are designed to enhance your understanding and interest and will not be counted as part of the quizzes.

Award Of E-Certificate
Learners who successfully complete the whole programme will be able to download an e-certificate at the end.
Teachers and principals who wish to keep this training record in their personal profile would need to have their e-certificates verified by school heads and school supervisors respectively.
Successful completion of this training programme will be counted for 4 hours in the core area of "Learning, Teaching and Curriculum" (applicable to principals) or in the core area of "Learning and Teaching" (applicable to teachers) under the mode "Structured Learning" of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

How Do I Register?
If you are a new user, please press the "FORM" button on the Login page to register first. You will need to fill in your e-mail address, which will be used as your ID and therefore should be a valid one, your full name and password. The programme is provided in English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese versions in both graphical and text mode. You can choose the mode you like and the mode you chose will become the default.

What If I Forgot The Password?
Please go to the Login page and provide your e-mail address. We will send you your password by e-mail.

What If I Logout Before I Complete A Module?
To cater for your personal need, the programme has been designed such that you may quit at any point you want, even before the successful completion of a module. There are checkpoints in every module. The checkpoint is indicated by a sign (*) next to the next button. Whenever you login to the system, you can choose to continue from your last checkpoint or start from any modules you have visited.